F***ing Chinese???

Photo-2014-12-29-20-03-14_1331As I had friends in town yesterday we went to eat Beijing Duck followed by Hong Kong style dessert. We first went to Peking Garden, then walked to “Tang Dessert” in Tsim Sha Tsui. In order to cross Kowloon Park Drive you need to take the pedestrian underpass on Peking Road.

When I walked up the stairs, I saw “F***ing Chinese” sprayed on the stairs.

I was flummoxed. After all I’m in Hong Kong – a Chinese city. Now I’m contemplating who was the culprit and what does he (or she) think.

I came up with the following explanations.

1. “Chinese” in this sense refers to “Mainland Chinese”. In this case it could’ve been written by a local Hong Kong Chinese who’s fed up with Mainland Chinese pushing around in Tsim Sha Tsui buying all milk powder and LV bags. There’s been quite a bit of tension between the Hong Kong population and Chinese tourists over the last years. I won’t get into the details in this post as it would require a few posts on its own to explain.

2. “Chinese” in this sense refers to Ethnic Chinese. In this case it was most likely written by one of the ethnic minorities in Hong Kong such as gwai loh’s (caucasian), Indians, Africans or someone else. Why someone would write such a racist remark I don’t know.

3. It was just a stupid joke.

What do you think?


What the f*** is happening Hong Kong?

Hong KongIf you don’t live in Hong Kong, chances are slim that you heard about what’s happening in Hong Kong. Unless you’re a news junkie that scans CNN, BBC, the New York Times, on a constant basis.

For those of you, who just saw the Hong Kong police throwing tear gas at students, a quick summary what happened over the last months and years. Read More…

A baby lounge…. I can’t believe it

A week ago my wife met friends for “Yum Cha”. Literally “Yum Cha” translates as ‘drink tea’ but what you do is meeting up with friends or family, eat Cantonese Dim Sum and have a good time.
Afterwards we went to one of the ‘consume temples’ aka shopping malls in Tsim Sha Tsui and found, in between shops selling overpriced baby stuff, a baby lounge!

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This is Hong Kong… unfortunately….

I came across a video on YouTube yesterday (see below) that shows a different side of Hong Kong. A side you don’t realise if you stay in your expatriate circles or are just a tourist. But if you’ve lived in Hong Kong for a while and are familiar with the local culture you won’t be surprised. This video shows the other side of Hong Kong, a society which worships money, property and celebrities but isn’t much interested in other things in life…. Read More…

Old Shanghai – an exhibition you shouldn’t miss

If you’re living in Shanghai or happen to visit the city anytime, don’t miss out on the “Old Shanghai” exhibition on display in the “Shanghai Urban Planning and Exhibition Centre” at People’s Square. I’m not a culture vulture myself, but I was really impressed by the paintings of Hè You Zhí (贺友直).

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Hong Kong – Asia’s World City. But we don’t speak English….

Hong Kong brands itself as “Asia’s World City”. The rule of law, as well as English being an official language in the territory is often emphasised. Apparently, the Law Society of Hong Kong is facing difficulties communicating in the most common lingua franca.  Read More…

That poor BMW….


I haven’t been to Shanghai for four years but last week I had the opportunity to fly up again. While walking on the streets in the French concession I came across something appalling. Revolting…

It was a BMW.

But not any normal BMW. Read More…